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Job recruitment:Vice - Chief Engineer of Optical Design
Education Requirement:Masters degree or above

Position Responsibilities:
1、Assist the decision-makers to formulate the development strategy of the company's civil product technology research and development, responsible for the short-term and long-term decision-making and strategy of the company in its functional areas, and the achievement of the company's medium and long-term goals
2、To plan, guide and coordinate the work in the field of optics 
3、Responsible for the overall design of the optical project
4、Make the related workflow, plan & coordinate and guide the work of the staffs, and training of technical personnel
5、Analyze technical conditions,resource status,market demand,discuss with company management and related departments,and evaluate project proposals;
6、Guidance, review, promotion of product design, process improvement, etc.   
7、Responsible for establishing and maintaining scientific and technological cooperation relationships with universities, enterprises and government departments, and developing and promoting industry-university-research cooperation projects.
8、According to the company's confidentiality requirements, do a good job of confidentiality;
Position requirements
1、Master's degree or above, more than 10 years experiences in the development of visible optical systems or infrared imaging optical systems
2、Familiar with precision optical-mechanical design and installation and calibration technology, and experience in adapting to vehicle-grade high and low temperature environments
3、Proficient in infrared optical engineering and visible light imaging optics,Proficient in photoelectric sensor technology,Application of infrared detector and visible light detector,Learn about imaging spectroscopy, grating optics, Freeform surface optical, binary optics;
4、Proficient in optical design tools and simulation calculation tools, familiar with 2D and 3D mechanical design tools;
5、Proficient in office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., with   good document writing ability and English reading ability;

Contact: Mr. Tang             Recruitment Email:hr7@forecam.com
Company Address: No. 158, Jiangbin East Avenue, Mawei District, Fuzhou China

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Job recruitment Education Requirement Numbers Location Enddate
Optical Design Engineer (Imaging Optical Lens) Bachelors degree 1 Fuzhou China May 31,2020
Vice - Chief Engineer of Optical Design Masters degree or above 1 FuzhouChina May312020
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